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Milking It: An Analogy To Help Men Understand

What's wrong with this analogy? Almost everything! For onething, it's a one-case explanation. Put two polarizers on an overheadprojector, one on top of the other with axes parallel. Light passesthrough both with modest diminution of intensity (actually considerablediminution, but our eyes tend not to notice). Then rotate either polarizer90° so their axes are perpendicular. Light is now blocked. Now askstudents what will happen if a third polarizer is placed between the othertwo, with its axis at 45° to the other two. Does the picket fenceanalogy help students get the right answer? No, and when you perform theexperiment, they are very surprised. Their 'learning' of the 'explanation'was useless to them. They had only an illusion of understanding, andworse, they were confident of their wrong understanding.

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A classic example of analogy of this would be: . Now, a sword and a pen are two absolutely different things; however, using this analogy helps a person understand that like a sword is the dearest treasure of a warrior, the pen is the dearest treasure of a writer. Although the aforementioned example was a pretty simple one, the usage of analogy can also be a little complicated. As a matter of fact, different countries have different analogies, which can be understood only by the native people belonging to that region. Even if you understand the basic language, there is a possibility that you won't be able to understand the analogy used by people staying in that particular region. As this article focuses on the analogy examples for middle school students, we shall discuss the basic level of analogy.

This analogy will help parents and caregivers understand the importance of discussing specific events surrounding traumatic situations or losses.

Samuel Fleet, president and CEO of AmWINS Group Benefits, makes an analogy to help explain this dilemma further: Sports fans have more information about their fantasy football team than business owners have about the health and welfare of their employee population. “And that’s their second-largest expense behind payroll,” he says.

Analogy is best understood by examples. Given below are a few examples of analogy to help you understand this figure of speech better.