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The stagehaving been set, the nature ofthe study which follows can beat least partially foreseen. IfSt Thomas makes analogicalsignification a logical matter,we must determine what for himlogic is. Then we must examinehis views on signification ingeneral, after which we canprofitably turn to an initialstatement on the analogy ofnames. In going on to discussthe division of things namedanalogically, we shall look atlength at the texts whichsuggested to Cajetan his hybrid,tripartite division. Then, afterdiscussing knowing by analogyand analogical causes, we shallsay something about the divinenames, a problem which, morethan any other, occasioned theremarks of St Thomas which formthe basis of the presentinterpretation.

Faulty Analogy Fallacy Logical fallacies

Refutation By Means of Devising a Logical Analogy

Priestley may be over-stating the case, but there is nodoubt that analogies have suggested fruitful lines of inquiry in manyfields. Because of their heuristic value, analogies andanalogical reasoning have been a focus of AI research.

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I. What is Analogy? 1. The Common Meaning of the Word Analogy 2. Analogy and Logic 3. Analogy and Metaphysics - II. Analogy in Aristotelian-Thomistic Logic and Metaphysics 1. Analogy of Attribution or Simple Proportion 2. Analogy of Proper or Intrinsic Proportionality 3. Analogy of Improper, Extrinsic, or Metaphorical Proportionality 4. Analogia Entis 5. The Crisis of Analogy - III. Analogy and Theology 1. The Knowledge of God and the Divine Names 2. Examples of Analogy in the Scriptures. 3. Uses of Analogy in Theology 4. Analogia fidei - IV. Analogy and Science 1. Analogy and Scientific Theory: The Experimental Sciences 2. Analogy and Scientific Theory: The Mathematical Sciences 3. Analogy within Scientific Theories 4. The First Steps towards a Theory of Analogy - V. The “Profundity” of Analogy.

Weak Analogy Logical Fallacy