The cell is the basic unit of living systems

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This screencast analyzes an analogy of a cell (city) and identifies the organelles represented by different parts of the city. This worksheet is taken from and credit is given to them for this worksheet screencast.

A cell is like a shopping mall (animal cell) x0x0_c0c0_chanel.

Cell Analogy Example - SlideShare

It also allows molecules to pass through. Cell Membrane Analogy: A Gate why?: Because the cell membrane regulates what enters and exits the cell like a gate. It also protects and supports whatever is inside. The Nucleus, the "control center" for all activity, contains the hereditary of the cell. Function: Nucleus Analogy: The City Hall I will be doing the analogy of the Animal Cell. Rather than just comparing the parts to random objects, all of the cell parts will make up a city. Just like how the parts make up the animal cell in general, hey I already made an analogy! why?: The nucleus is like the city hall of a city because it is the area with all of the main information. It controls most of the city by sending out information that it needs to function. Function: The ribosomes synthesize proteins for the cell. Ribosomes Ribosomes Analogy: Lumber Yard Why?: The ribosomes are like a lumber yard because they perform protein synthesis for the nucleus. Bringing together raw ingredients such as RNA and amino acids to make proteins. The proteins are like machinery for cell functions. Such as plumbing and electricity which is needed in a city. Function: The smooth ER packages the secretory proteins as well as the synthesis of lipids. They also takes care of compounds that might otherwise be toxic or harmful to the cell. Smooth ER Analogy: The Manufacturing Plant why?: The smooth ER is like a manufacturing plant because

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