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SKILL OVERVIEW: Think critically, analyze relationships, and build vocabulary

Common Analogy Relationships on the SSAT

Next, brainstorm with students possible types of analogies to help them think of types of relationships they can look for in analogies. Below are some examples of analogy relationships. There are many others, so encourage students to be creative.

The analogous relationship between honoring  and honoring parents is expressed more explicitly in the Rabbinic writings.


It is of course very evident that we should draw certain logic/relationship between the first pair of words to discern analogy of any pairs. Do you wonder what those logic relationships in analogy are? The most common analogy relationships you will encounter are:

Write the following analogies on the board. (Note that the answer is in bold, and the type of analogy relationship is in parentheses.)

Once students have mastered these word relationships, encourage them to keep a list of other analogy relationships they encounter in their classwork and reading.

The most common analogy relationships you will encounter are: Type of Analogy Relationship ..

Students also need to build their vocabulary base to have a better understanding words introduced in analogous relationships. and on this site can help them in just that area. Coming soon, look for a new analogy game.A unique way to build vocabulary skills is through online vocabulary software. provides a focused method for building vocabulary skills for learning analogy relationships.I’ve heard a few analogies about relationships. Relationships are like buildings: they need a good foundation. Relationships are like garage sales: from a distance it looks like it could be interesting, but up close, it’s just a ton of shit you don’t need. Relationships are like glass: sometimes it’s better to leave it broken than hurt yourself trying to pick up the pieces.This makes them useful for assessment, but they can also be used as an effective learning strategy as well. As students create incorrect analogies, analyze the relationships their analogies are suggesting, and then correct them accordingly, students are grappling with ideas, monitoring and revising their thinking, and otherwise actively consider the often complex relationships between disparate things.Yep — analogies are all about discovering the relationships between words, and that's why they are still a worthwhile activity. Analyzing the relationships between words is one way to get to know a pair of words better. Even the Common Core Standards for Vocabulary contain a "shout out" for the importance of analyzing the relationships between words as a key for learning vocabulary: "5.b. : Use the relationship between particular words to better understand each of the words."The Analogy Relationship Guide gives an example and scripted thought process for each of the 8 types of word relationships. It's useful for test p...Even in this very simple analogy, students might identify a half-dozen characteristics of the relationship between fish and river, their mind scrambling to find relationships. They then analyze that relationship and come up with those most obvious. Fish live in a river, are sometimes found in a river, are caught in a river, love the river, are smaller than a river, etc.This analogies worksheets helps prepare your child to make connections between unlike objects in his writing. An analogy is a comparison of two pairs of words that are related in a similar way. Practice writing analogies the fun way with this analogies worksheet. Exercises like those found in this analogies worksheet also help children build vocabulary and analyze the relationships between words. In this analogies worksheet, students will complete simple analogies with provided nouns in a word box. This analogies worksheet will help strengthen your child's reading comprehension and writing skills, and also help prepare him for creating metaphors and similes.GRE analogies questions require you to consider many different possible relationships. After you are able to determine a specific relationship for the original pair, select the answer choice that expresses a relationship in the same way. Most GRE questions tend to fall into one of several common categories of relationships. The following list includes many of the common analogy relationships tested on the GRE: